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Men's Skin Care Industry reaches $7.7 Billion a year
About Face 4 Men joins the growing industry offering professional quality skin care products to fight the War against Aging

San Diego, CA - March 3, 2005 - Professional quality skin care products are no longer targeted only to women. Recent statistics show that men are spending more than $7.7 billion a year on products that cleanse, pamper, exfoliate and hydrate - and this number continues to grow as more men learn about the lasting effects of taking care of their skin.

"Men have high expectations, they want a product that works but they don't want to fuss for a half hour every morning," said Matthew Becker, founder and owner of About Face 4 Men, a professional, spa-quality skin care company offering the highest technology ingredients and science combined with masculine camouflage packaging.

"About Face 4 Men was formulated for all skin types and is a quick and easy-to-use skin care regimen to follow," Becker said.

About Face 4 Men combines the highest grade botanical oils and extracts with patent-pending liposomes to create the most successful and efficient skin care system designed for men. They offer products as basic as cleanser, scrub, shave cream and shave balm. About Face 4 Men also features products that are more advanced, such as NO-TOX anti-aging cream which reduces fine lines and wrinkles with DMAE, SERUM moisturizer which creates immediate improvement in skin texture with anti-oxidants and Hyaluronic Acid, and PROTECT SPF 20 which is the only product on the market with the SPF complex - a blend of four sunscreen agents to protect against aging and cancer.

About Face 4 Men not only makes a difference in the lives of their customers, they also donate a portion of all sales to San Diego founded military charity Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront supports the families of America's finest soldiers who are deployed around the world. Whether a military family needs money or help with professional skills, such as accounting, plumbing or carpentry, Operation Homefront serves them.

The grooming industry continues to grow, and About Face 4 men wants to educate men of the need to care for their skin. They want to make men aware of the benefits of healthy skin, including looking more youthful and energetic, as well as resisting aging more efficiently. "It is a war against aging out there, and you can win that battle with About Face 4 Men," Becker said.

About Face 4 Men is available exclusively online at www.AboutFace4Men.com.

For press inquiries, please email info@aboutface4men.com

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