About Face 4 Men The Regimen

An effective regimen needs a clear objective and be simple to execute. Our system is designed with products whose benefits are enhanced when used together, with equal efficiency when applied day or night.

Daily Regimen

1. Cleanse – for the face, CLEAN, a creamy foam cleanser to lift impurities and leave skin free of residue and ready to receive nutrients – for the body, please SHOWER as often as necessary with our citrus shower gel

2. TONE – revitalizes the pores and restores skin pH balance

3. SERUM – highly advanced formula delivers healing restorative nutrients

4. RENEW – daily moisturizer containing powerful anti-oxidants, moisture-retaining and cell renewal catalysts

5. NO-TOX – new generation complex to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture immediately

6. PROTECT – SPF 20 before sun exposure

2 times a week

SCRUB – gently exfoliate after CLEAN, follow with TONE, SERUM, etc. as above

Shave Days

During of after your SHOWER use:

1. SHAVE - No need to use SCRUB on beard area on shave days.

2. BALM - use on shaved area to stimulate recovery and moisturize

Resume with TONE as above….

Evening Regimen

Repeat STEPS 1 thru 5 above and let your skin regenerate and renew itself while you sleep, free of the impact of the environment.