About Face 4 Men Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A Debriefing

Can ABOUT FACE 4 MEN products be used for all skin types?

Absolutely. These products were designed specifically for multiple skin conditions. Most men don’t have a sole skin type and more likely have different skin chemistry in other areas on the face. Some skin conditions make specific products more critical. See below…

For sensitive skin – All products are non-irritating and perfect for sensitive skin.
SERUM is especially effective and can even be used to support the skin after medical procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical and glycolic peel, or AHA abuse.

For Acne – Of course CLEAN, but make sure to use TONE to establish pH balance and revitalize pores. Exfoliate with gentle and non-abrasive SCRUB. Follow with non-greasy RENEW to encourage healthy new cells and reduce sensitivity.

What about sun exposure?

The effect of sunlight over the years is to weather or prematurely age the skin.
The increase risk of skin cancer from sun damage is highly documented. By all means enjoy the sun, but avoid needless exposure and non-essential activities around mid-day hours. Wear a hat or protective clothing and of course, PROTECT SPF 20 in all sun-exposed areas.

Do Anti-Aging products really work?

After years of research, scientists and dermatologists have discovered that a variety of natural ingredients and vitamin extracts significantly help slow and even reverse the signs of aging skin. These ingredients are found in all ABOUT FACE products but the most regenerative and line-erasing agents are in RENEW, SERUM, and NO-TOX.

How soon should I see results?

Aging is caused by both genetic and environmental influences. It occurs at different rates and times in each individual. Consequently, the results of using anti-aging products will be different as well. The ABOUT FACE regimen was designed to maximize results.

What else can I do to improve overall skin health?

Exercise – Exercise can increase the blood flow through your veins into your capillaries, delivering more nutrients and oxygen into the skin. Increased blood flow through the veins helps remove toxins from your body, including your skin. Exercise helps the immune system fight disease.

Drink plenty of water - Eight, eight-ounce glasses of purified non-chlorinated water a day provides moisture required for your organs to remain supple and soft. Water helps your liver remove toxins, which keeps your skin clear. Dehydration can make your skin appear patchy and yellow

A Balanced Diet - Everything you take into your body directly affects your skin. The more fresh fruits and vegetables you consume, the healthier your body will be and the better your skin will look. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain simple flavenoids, and vitamins C, D, E, & A, which help your skin and your internal organs in fighting disease.

Supplements - Supplements provide additional amounts of important vitamins and minerals to help maintain not only nutritional health, but can also provide physical benefits for skin.

Can women use ABOUT FACE products?

Naturally. The differences in skin lies mostly with individual skin types, not in the differences in skin between genders. If you already have some of these products, she’s probably already using them.

Can ABOUT FACE be used on other body areas?

We’d recommend SCRUB on shoulders and back, and SHAVE and BALM are effective anywhere on you or her…